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Jobs Careers and Business Opportunities In North Carolina Best Places To LiveMany of my personal Best Places to Live are in North Carolina.

And, I’m not alone.  People move to North Carolina at twice the national average!


For the last 9 out of 10 years, Site Selection Magazine choose

North Carolina as the #1 best business climate!

South Carolina was right up there also at number 5!

What makes North Carolina so special?  And how can you benefit by choosing as your best place to live for relocating or retiring North Carolina?

Living in one of the North Carolina best places to live provides people with a lifestyle that help people thrive.

They seem happier and more productive. And in today’s global economy, that definitely gives companies an advantage.

North Carolina has a rich history, diverse breathtaking geography, an active arts scene, and many good institutions of higher learning.  All this creates a quality of life that draws talented people.  And it provides companies with a pool of productive workers at affordable wages.

Seriously, isn’t that one of the foundations for a happy healthy family?

North Carolina Best Places To Live GuideNorth Carolina Best Places To Live Guide

Start Your New Life Right In NC!

There are lifelong learning opportunities throughout North Carolina that keeps the workforce active and current.

The cost of construction, operating costs, overall taxes, affordable housing and cost of living make North Carolina a top pick for companies looking to expand, and people looking to raise their families in an area with great lifestyle and good values they can afford!

Good preschool programs and public schools, accessible state colleges, universities, and private institutions continue to train and diversify the workforce making North Carolina a top choice for companies.

North Carolina’s location is hard to beat as a best place to live!

It has an extensive transportation infrastructure, access to hundreds of millions of consumers, deep water ports, and international flights.

There are incentives through out the State to motivate job creation, research and development, upgraded technology, and new plants. And Governor Bev Perdue has pledged to keep taxes reasonable!

That’s why companies like Siemens, Novo Nordisk, Nypro Inc., IEM, Caterpillar, and Sav-A-Lot all expanded in North Carolina adding a total of approximately 1250 jobs.

There is a serious continued focus on making it easy and affordable to do business in North Carolina, as well as providing a skilled, productive, knowledgeable workforce.

That results in jobs and economic growth…good for you, good for business, good for North Carolina.

Good for making onto the list of one of the North Carolina Best Places to Live for families or retirement!

Happy Workers make for Happy Companies!

Check out living in North Carolina best places to live and Get Happy.

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