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Romantic Places in North Carolina and South CarolinaLet’s talk about the 5 most romantic places in North Carolina and South Carolina.  I know Valentines Day is a ways off but let’s talk about love and romance.

Most of the time the Carolina Report is dedicated to all the little things that will help you find your best place to live, relocate or retire to in North Carolina and South Carolina, but not this week.

This week I devote this Carolina Report to love and romance. And before you think I’m getting all sappy and off topic, think again.

One of the things I love are the wonderfully romantic places in North Carolina and South Carolina. 

I thought it would be great to talk about the 5 most romantic places in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Especially if you plan on living there.

Now, I know we all have different ideas about romance and what we consider to be “romantic.”

For a lot of us love and romance conjures up visions of couples walking hand in hand however…

Love and Romance is also about finding the time and place to be with the object of your desire.  Perhaps the object of your desire is the ocean. Maybe romance to you is sitting at a South Carolina beach watching the sunrise.

Maybe your idea of love and romance is having a picnic in the mountains of North Carolina.  Beautiful sunset overlooking several vistas.

Once you find your best place to live in North Carolina or South Carolina and begin living your dream; remember it’s only the beginning.

Living in North Carolina and South Carolina you’re going to want to get out of the house.   Spend quality time embracing what you love.  Isn’t that part of the reason you moved to your best place to live in the Carolinas?  And if that is with the person you love, that can make it all the better.

Whether alone or with a significant other, I personally think both North Carolina and South Carolina are great for romance.  They both offer that wonderful combination of the most amazing natural beauty and many charming, quaint, quiet places where the pace of life slows down a little.

Many of you who’ve spent time in either North Carolina or South Carolina or both,  already know what I’m talking about.

For those who haven’t I hope you take some inspiration from the list of best places.

Romantic Best Places in North Carolina and South Carolina

1. Balds Head Island NC

  • Bald Head Island always gets top marks from those looking for romantic getaways in North Carolina.
  • Great sunsets, gentle sea breezes, miles of beaches, undisturbed natural habitat, wonderful lodgings.
  • Not only are you away from the mainland, but no cars as well.

2. Charleston SC

  • Few places ooze “Old South” southern charm like coastal Charleston SC.
  • Not many places still have carriage rides along gas lit cobblestone streets or bed and breakfasts in beautiful old homes,some hundreds of years old.
  • Have a candle light dinner at a small restaurant in the city’s famed Historic district and see what I mean by “romantic”!

3. The NC Mountains and Upstate SC

  • Sorry but I couldn’t come up with just one place. Taking a trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway alone offers all types of romantic interludes along the way.
  • I really love all the natural beauty. There are so many romantic lovely places in both the North Carolina and South Carolina mountain regions.
  • Rolling green ridges, fast moving mountain streams, beautiful lakes, hundreds of waterfalls and is there a better place to get cozy then a small mountain cabin or lodge?

4. Beaufort SC

  • What can I say, the beaches of South Carolina and sea islands are amazing. I really like the slower pace and low country charm of Beaufort SC.
  • Imagine a quaint seaside village with beautiful historic antebellum houses.
  • Lots of small, intimate restaurants.
  • And a wonderful nightlife and plenty for singles and couples young and old to do.

5. Spas in the North Carolina Piedmont

  • Nothing spells romance and relaxation like S.P.A..
  • There are all types of spa resorts near places like the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill. 
  • Exquisite lakes like Lake Lure and Lake Norman also offer a SPA experience while relaxing lakeside.
  • Relax, let go of the stress while getting a little pampering at the same time!

Well its time to sign off, but just remember that both North Carolina and South Carolina offer some of the most romantic getaways in the country.

I know you’ll find your own special romantic getaways in North Carolina or South Carolina.

Oh….and please let me know what You find!

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