Build Affordably In NC And SC Best Places To Live


Build Affordably In NC And SC Best Places To LiveWhether you’re thinking of retiring or relocating to NC And SC Best Places To Live, there’s a great way to create affordable housing in NC And SC.

Build It!

Not everyone can afford a $Million home.  And not everyone is going to be able to retire or relocate in a $Million, 3,500 square foot house!

I know this sounds outlandish to most of us and totally out of the question.

And most of you by this time have closed your mind to it, but hear me out.

You can build affordably in NC and SC best places to live. Building a house is not some mysterious, extra-terrestrial process for only the super-talented.

The Hippies of the 60′s are now the Boomers, and many of us are wondering how we’ll ever afford to retire? And the biggest cost is housing!   And many younger families are looking to relocate to an area that is more affordable to raise a family.

Housing in the northeast runs about $200-250 per square foot.

If you consider the pricing below, you’re able to build a “shell” for about $50 per square foot, and a finished house for somewhere around $100-125 per square foot.

Here’s two companies that help you do just that.  They’re not the only companies, but I wanted to give you a starting point.

To build affordably in NC and SC best places to live you need to have an understanding of the techniques and process involved.  Having this information will greatly reduce your costs.  The end goal is for you to be able to build your dream home in your NC and SC best places to live. And build value for yourself from Day One!

Okay so let’s learn some ways to build your home affordably in one of the NC and SC Best Places to live!  Ready?

Shelter Kit

This company is based in Tilton N.H.  It’s been selling “do-it-yourself” homes, barns, garages, and cabins since 1970, when the boomers were hippies and looking for ways to “drop out” and live cheaply off the land.

I guess things have come full circle!

The largest of its models is the cape-style Barn House which ranges in size from 875-2500 square feet, and its price starts at $26,345.   The price includes all materials for the house’s frame, roof sheathing, exterior wall sheathing, flooring, hardware, and detailed instructions written for the novice.

The company represents everything is pre-cut and clearly labeled for ease of assembly by 2 people without cranes or the need for prior construction experience. The company says it should take 10 days to build their smallest Barn House, not counting site work, finish work, or options. They offer Free technical support and have a Green Home Kit available.

Multifaceted Homes, Inc.

This company has been in business for 21 years. It sells home-kits consisting of pre-constructed panels which accomplishes several things.

It saves time in construction, money, and increases quality control. The homes are made of redwood and cedar.

The company says most shells can be assembled and be weather tight in 5-10 days by those with some carpentry skills and a few helpers (they suggest a total of 5 people) depending on the model, and the entire home can be completed in just over two months.

If you do most of the finish work yourself, I’d allow for 6 months. The kit includes pre-constructed walls and roof system, vinyl windows, trim, jambs, and hardware to create an weather tight shell.

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Make Your NC and SC Dream Come True!

Look for companies that have an “Owner/Builder” Program that caters to people who want to act as their own builder rather than paying a General Contractor a 35% fee for doing the same thing.

On a $250,000 house, that’s $87,500. If the company has a background in being a Builder/Residential Developer themselves that’s even better, because they’ll have a better understanding of how to help you accomplish your goal.

One such company is Idaho Pre-Cut Homes ( I like their approach, and experience they bring to the table. Unfortunately they only serve 11 western states, but visit their website to get an understanding of how they help you with the process.

Here’s some other things to consider, when build affordably in NC and SC best places to live with pre-manufactured kits:

  • How long is the company in business?
  • Do they have Green Options?
  • Can you customize it with different doors, windows, porches, decks, skylights, more insulation, larger wall studs, choices of siding, etc.
  • How many people are needed to construct it?
  • Will you need heavy equipment?
  • Will you need builder experience?
  • Does it meet the building code in your state?
  • What is the delivery time and construction time?
  • Is the framing system flexible to allow for multiple designs?
  • What’s included in the package…foundations, sitework, well, septic, utility connections, and finish work are usually not.

Don’t overlook this way of creating incredible value for yourself.  And build affordably in NC and SC best places to live for yourself and end up with the home of your dreams!

But before you build it….have you found your best place to live in the Carolinas?

Now you need build affordably in NC and SC best places to live

I’ll be seein you …..Next Week!

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