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Living In South Carolina Best PlacesIf you’ve decided living in South Carolina is for you, there are plenty of South Carolina Best Places To Live!

In comparison to North Carolina, the cost of housing in South Carolina is generally less expensive.  In fact, the overall “cost of living”  is less expensive in South Carolina.

The median sale price of houses in North Carolina is approximately $143,400, while in South Carolina it’s $126,000.

  • So where are South Carolina Best Places To Live?!
  • Are you a coastal baby who loves the South Carolina beaches?
  • Do you prefer one of the South Carolina crystal clear pristine lakes?
  • Maybe you want to live in Upstate located in the northwest corner of South Carolina?
  • Or do you like the long hot summers of the heartland in the center of the State?

Each of the South Carolina best places to live has is own charm and beauty, with plenty to offer!

If you like the beach, I’d head to the South Carolina Coastal best place to live of Charleston. Charleston itself is pretty expensive.  But if you can afford it… it’s a great place.  There’s also Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island and Kiawah Island SC which are gorgeous!

Again a bit pricey!

I’d check out best places surrounding Charleston like Mount Pleasant, Johns Island and James Island.  Two of my favorite more affordable Coastaal South Carolina best places to live close to Charleston, are Summerville and Beaufort.

Beaufort SC is “a two for one”… you are close to Charleston SC and Savannah, Georgia.  Don’t miss Savannah!

If you want to avoid crowds and traffic of the coastal areas, pristine, crystal clear lakes are also some of South Carolinas best places to live.

Lake Keowee and Hartwell Lake are in Upstate, the northwest part of South Carolina. Both Lakes are populated by the South Carolina Foothill towns of Easley, Seneca, Clemson, and Anderson.

These South Carolina best places to live are some of the most charming, quaint small towns in all of South Carolina.

If you’re interested in college town life style, you can’t go wrong because Clemson University.  As its name would indicate, Clemson University is located in Clemson SC.  For the young at heart but of retirement age, Clemson University also has a “Learning in Retirement Program”.

And best of all, cost of living is still affordable in this area! Living downtown is a real possibility.

Utlimate Guide To South Carolina Best Places To Live

South Carolina Best Places To Live Ultimate Guide

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While small town life can be great there are still some of us whose South Carolina best places to live are in the cities.  One city that has retained its southern charm and one of my favorites is Greenville.  Greenville has a population of about 60,700, and neighboring Spartanburg has a population of almost 40,000.

This area of South Carolina is located along the I-85 growth corridor. Many European companies have chosen Spartanburg South Carolina as their home.

The downtown of Greenville is filled with shops, restaurants, and live music venues at the Peace Center for the Performing Arts.

Another great city and on my list of Piedmont South Carolina Best Places to live is South Carolina’s capital of Columbia.  I caution you must like it hot!

The winters are mild.  And you’ll make good use of Lake Murray to the west, and Lake Marion to the south.  The housing stock in Columbia is filled with charming, historic, antebellum homes.  The University of South Carolina makes Columbia it’s home so you also have an active college life.

Columbia SC has 2 entertainment districts called The Vista and Five Points. The clubs and restaurants in these areas will keep you hopping and well fed! Columbia has a lot going on for a City of its size.

If you’re serious about finding South Carolina Best Places you’re off to a good.

Whether you’re interested in retiring or relocating there’s South Carolina Best Places to explore!

I’ll be seeing YOU in the Carolinas!

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