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Carolina Best Places To LiveIf you’re retiring or relocating to one of the Carolina best places to live then you need to pay close attention.

There are definite lifestyle differences in North Carolina and South Carolina. 

The type of lifestyle you want will greatly affect how happy you will be.

And how happy you will be should be a deciding factor in where you live.

But then…what qualities does your Carolina best places to live need?

Will you need to continue to work when you relocate to your Carolina best places to live?

Are part time or full time jobs plentiful in your Carolina best places to live?

And it must be based on what you like or dislike, need or don’t need.

It can’t be based upon what your friends, neighbors, relatives, or co-workers would want!

Here are 20 Things You Must Consider when you select the Carolina best places to live for YOU


  • Can you afford the housing in the area?
  • Are prices way too inflated?
  • Are there special tax advantages in the area you’re considering?
  • Remember, real estate taxes can eat up a big chunk of your budget.
  • Is there an income tax?
  • Will your pension be taxed?


  • What kind of people will you find in your new best place…their race, religion, income levels, interests, occupations, education levels?
  • Does the area support diversification?
  • Do the people welcome newcomers?
  • Is that important to you?
  • If you want a strong sense of Community is that true in the area you’re considering?
  • Are the town leaders proud of their community, and have a plan for its development?


  • All areas have some crime!
  • But I’m more concerned with the type of crimes
  • Go see the Police Chief of your potential best place in the Carolinas and ask which crimes are committed most frequently
  • Petty theft isn’t as troubling as crimes involving violence
  • Also ask the Chief which areas have the most crimes


If you still have kids in the school system, then the quality of schools will be a major concern for you.

  • I like to go sit down and have a chat with the Superintendent in each school district of the areas I’m considering for my Carolina best places to live.
  • You can also go to the U.S Department of Education’s website
  • And if you still want to take some college courses, then you need to make sure there’s an appropriate school in the area you’re considering
  • And even a good library to support your efforts


The availability of care isn’t always an issue, as much as the quality of care.

  • If you’re Carolina best places to live is near a major metropolitan area, all types of care is readily available
  • That’s not the case in the more rural areas and small towns, especially if you need a specialist for specific care
  • If there’s a teaching hospital in the area, you will find a much broader base of medical care.


Here’s one that so many people totally overlook!

  • If you’re going to need to visit friends and family, how are you going to get there?
  • Will you need to have access to an airport?
  • And how far will you have to drive to get to it?
  • If you like to travel, will you need to be close to an International Airport?
  • Besides air travel, would you like to be in an area in which public transportation is easily available and widely developed?


There’s a big variation in the types of climate between North Carolina and South Carolina.   And differences again within the States themselves.  Your Carolina best places to live needs to be the climate you love the most.

  • If you don’t like humidity, then make sure you stay off the coast.
  • If you don’t like ice storms periodically, then make sure you stay out of the mountains.
  • And if you don’t like heat, then the middle of either state is not for you.


This is a very personal category, so you need to assess how much fun you can take!

To me this includes Outdoor Recreation….golfing, hiking, swimming, boating, etc.

Both North Carolina and South Carolina have a wide variety of outdoor activities.  It just depends which ones are most important to you.

There are festivals of all types in each area, from Barbeque Cookoffs to Bluegrass Bashes!

You’ll also need to consider your Cultural Appetite…the opera, ballet, live concerts, symphony, theater.

As well as your appetite for great Southern Cuisine and sophisticated fine dining.

Now after all of that, you might want to make sure there’s the right amount of Shopping in the area you’re considering.

All in all, go through each item on this list, mark the ones which are most important to you, and then make sure the area you’re considering as Your Carolina best places to live has what’s best for YOU!

Hum…can’t wait to see what Carolina best places to live we’ll be visiting next week.

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