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Charlotte North Carolina Best Places To Live retire or relocateWhen looking for your Charlotte North Carolina Best Places To Live, you need to take into consideration what best fits your budget, lifestyle, and aspirations.

The housing market in the Charlotte North Carolina area is definitely affected by the economic slowdown.

But Charlotte North Carolina hasn’t been as hard hit as many other regions of the country.  The cost of living remains below the national average (Charlotte 93 to US average 100.)

Many of the most popular best places to live in Charlotte North Carolina are frankly also its most expensive.

The median home sales price in popular places to move to like the “street car” suburbs on the south side of the city, Myers Park, Dilworth, Elizabeth, etc., run anywhere from $300,000 to almost $1.2 million or more.

For a better deal in Charlotte North Carolina and more “bang for your buck” when it comes to affordable homes, you may want to consider communities a littler further out from the downtown area.   And even smaller cities and towns outside of Mecklenburg County.

For instance, in rural Monroe NC just thirty minutes to the southeast of Charlotte North Carolina, the median sales price of a three bedroom home is only around $143,600.

You’ll find similar deals in other North Carolina best places to live like Kannapolis NC ($121,000) and Concord NC ($160,000)to the northeast of Charlotte.

Don’t rule out looking for affordable homes in the relatively inexpensive York and Lancaster Counties just across the border in South Carolina.

Another somewhat more risky route in the Charlotte North Carolina area is to look at homes in areas that are in transition.

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For instance, less developed areas on the edge of the city or even older industrially developed areas.

An example of this is the North of Davidson or NoDa neighborhood.

What was only twenty years ago a depressed working class neighborhood filled with empty textile mills is now Charlotte’s “art district.”   NoDa is now filled with eclectic shops, art galleries, restaurants, and live music venues.

As the larger North Carolina best places to live cities expand outward, surrounding areas have a lot of potential.

So while you may have to commute a bit to get into downtown Charlotte, one of these could be your North Carolina best places to live.

But be sure to do your homework and definitely consult with a professional.

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