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One way to find the affordable lifestyle you want is to look at NC And SC Affordable Small Towns.  North Carolina and South Carolina offer a variety of small towns throughout both states and you’ll get to live in the climate you most  prefer.  And save money!  Not too bad.

Great lifestyle and affordable.

NC And SC affordable small towns are a good bet whether you’re retiring or relocating to North Carolina or South Carolina.

I like to find NC And SC affordable small towns with active communities, just outside the larger metropolitan areas.  Or NC And SC affordable small towns within close proximity to other small towns, or small towns with colleges in them.

These situations give you the advantage of small town living, but with big town services.

When I say  NC And SC affordable small towns, I’m talking about towns of approximately 10 – 30,000 people.

Towns like:

are great examples of living in a “cluster” of smaller towns that have a lot to offer.

The western part of North Carolina also has affordable small towns which are some of the best places to live in either North Carolina or South Carolina.

Some of my best places for NC And SC affordable small towns are:.

North Carolina:

One of my very favorites is Coastal North Carolina Best Place to live of  New Bern NC.

It’s one of the best places I’ve been to in North Carolina.  If you love the ocean that is and the climate that comes from living on the coast.

New Bern NC is a quaint small town with a historic housing stock and beautiful open spaces. The Neuse and Trent Rivers come together in the middle of Town. It’s gorgeous!

Although it’s still considered a small town, you won’t lack for shopping, culture and great restaurants. The ocean is only 40 minutes away and the Pamlico sound is right next door. And the people are some of the nicest I’ve ever met!

For those of you who claim South Carolina as your best place to relocate or retire, you’ll find beautiful, quaint, some of affordable small towns are:

Today, people are interested in living just outside small towns where they can walk to shopping, restaurants, and activities.  Especially with the price of gas!

NC And SC affordable small towns have become very popular for relocating empty-nesters, as well as boomer retirees.  There’s usually a greater sense of “community” in these towns, and opportunities to get involved as a volunteer or civic leader.

Other advantages of choosing your best place to live in a small town is that it includes less traffic, more affordable housing and usually lower taxes.  You might also find some great old houses just waiting for you to restore them.

If you’re retiring and looking for an active adult retirement community, or just relocating your family for a different quality of life, there are NC and SC affordable small towns that could be just right for you.

But wait, I must also tell you the downside.

You won’t find as much diversity in the people, you might be considered an ”outsider” at first, and all the cultural events and services you want may not be readily available.

However, if you pick a small town in North Carolina or South Carolina that’s a short ride from one of its urban areas, you’ll be assured of a variety of services, good medical care and plenty of activities to keep you busy.

If you relocate or retire in a small town with a college or branch of a major university, you’ll have plenty of intellectual stimulation and diversity among it’s population.

And if you use my “cluster” concept of locating around other small towns, the drawbacks will be far outweighed by the slower pace, quality lifestyle and lower cost of living.

One of my favorite small towns in South Carolina is Aiken SC, which is located in the middle of beautiful horse country just northeast of Augusta, GA.

Another great place to find NC and SC affordable small towns are the best College Towns of North Carolina and South Carolina that offer small town living without big town prices.


See you next week!

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