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NC And SC Carolina Planned CommunitiesWhether you’re looking at Carolina Planned Communities, or the best North Carolina or South Carolina city or town to to relocate to, I’ve got some great deals.

Deals that can help in making the most of your money while looking for your Best Places to Retire or Relocate to in the Carolinas!

Some Carolina Planned Communities even provide lodging and meals, FREE, at no cost to you.

As you can imagine, I get boat loads of mail from Carolina Planned Communities.

I seek out those Best Carolina Planned Communities that offer special weekend visitation packages, so I can make you aware of them.

However, here are a few you may want to take a look at.

  • Seawatch at Sunset Harbor is located in Southport NC, just south of Wilmington NC.  For $199, you can stay in the South Harbor Village right on the water and get a good feel for what this community is all about.  They offer three days and two nights accommodations, a variety of local events, and a dinner certificate.  You should call (877) 732-9282, and speak to them directly about their weekend visitation packages. Their website is I spoke to Dennis Nepini who was very helpful.
  • Seabrook Plantation is located in North Myrtle Beach NC. This is an Oceanside planned community in the Tilghman Beach section of North Myrtle Beach.  In an email from Curtis Dukes, he said, “at this time they have a lender that’s willing to lend 100% of the purchase price of their homesites, and if you qualify, you won’t have to pay any payments on an interest only loan for the first 12 months.”  Their website is, or you can write to
  • Albemarle Plantation is located in Hertford NC.  It’s in between two towns which I really like.  They are Edenton NC and Elizabeth City.  This area of the Albemarle Sound is truly beautiful!   This includes a round of golf for two. Their website is You can contact them at (800) 635-8389.
  • Brunswick Plantation is located in Calabash NC, which is southwest of Wilmington NC and northeast of Myrtle Beach SC. It’s a well located Oceanside planned community.  Their website is, or you can contact them at (800) 835-4533 (X 6920).
  • Riverside is located in Georgetown SC. Georgetown SC is northeast of Charleston SC and right on the coast. It’s a quaint historic town with its own waterfront area (Harborwalk) lined with shops, restaurants and galleries.  If you purchase a homesite at the Riverside, you can get your own private boatslip as part of your purchase price, which is a valuable amenity. You can contact an agent at (843) 436-5263.

These are packages that include discounted lodging and meals, even golf, if you agree to have a community representative show you their community, and possibly partake in some of their planned activities.

It’s a really great way to get to know about the Carolina Planned Communities whether you’re looking to retire or just find your best places to live, in North Carolina or South Carolina.

For more Steals and Deals check out our Carolina Planned Community Steals and Deals Section.

The other mail I get is from Carolina Planned Communities offering substantial price reductions or special incentives, for buying in their community now!

I’ll tell you about some great deals on Carolina Planned Communities below, but there’s not room enough to cover them all.

I’ll cover more of them in future Carolina Blogs.

In light of the fact that the housing market is ever-changing, you must do your own due diligence in checking out any real estate before purchasing it and confirm present offerings.

The information found here is not meant to be investment advice.

I am not acting as a real estate agent.  I do not receive any commissions or fees for mentioning towns or communities ever!   I am in no way a representative of any of these communities.

See you next week!

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